The monthly rentals for the boxes


Lastly, we are sick of the ever-increasing cable TV prices. The monthly rentals for the boxes, the taxes, surcharges, and additional fees on top makes them very hard to afford for an average consumer. Therefore, to help you find the cheapest cable provider and TV plans, we have come up with a comprehensive guide. Without further ado, let’s begin:

Cox Communications 

Cox Communications has a service span across 17 states in the US. It has an exceptional troupe of services. The high-speed internet plans are tailored to deal with modern high-bandwidth usage, while cable TV plans have extensive channels with some premium garnishes. Therefore, it ticks all the boxes. Secondly, it is a great option on the budget side. You can get its entry -level plans for a pretty affordable monthly free. If you want the basic cable TV service, you can get the Cox Starter TV plan. In just $25, you can enjoy watching more than 75 channels. TV starter plan has all the popular channels such as Fox, ABC, PBS, CBS, NBC, and C-Span. Moreover, it includes all the government, local broadcast, shopping, music, and education channels.